Robotic automation powered process performance

Automate the rule-based procedures to get the job done more efficiently and with greater precision. Repetitious processes which interact predictably with other applications suit candidates for robot-led automation. Let us help you find ways to automate your business operations.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation ( RPA) is the new aged technology that enables anyone to configure computer software or a "robot" to simulate and implement a series of predefined actions and is customizable in nature. RPA robots make use of the user interface to obtain data and exploit applications just as people do. They perceive prompt answers and communicate with other systems to perform on a wide range of repetitive tasks. Even slightly better: a robot with RPA software never sleeps and makes zero errors.


  • Reduce operational cost, time and effort

  • Improve accuracy and productivity

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Faster Return of investments

What do we do here at Leniko?

  • RPA consulting

  • Process mining

  • Develop soft bots, implement and support

  • Managed Services

Types of RPA services we offer

  • Chat bots

  • Process Automation

  • Process Mining

  • Reconciliation

  • Rule based pricing and decision making

  • Procure to pay Automation

  • Data extraction from Invoices/Forms

  • TAX/VAT returns


As a service, Robotic Process Automation helps customers handle their operation through us. We run the bots and control the operations in the cloud. This will help clients to get rid of the investment that they have to make to implement bots.

RPA Enables Work From Home

As RPA automates operations, enhances workflows and connects flawlessly with IT systems, there is a drastic reduction in the human need to intervene. Many of the labour-intensive and high-volume activities can be carried over by robots with little input to begin and accomplish things. It lays the groundwork for work from home jobs, which studies have shown to stimulate creativity and innovation.


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