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The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted education from largely being imparted inside the four walls of a classroom, to a screen. Billions of students suddenly find themselves relying on online learning platforms where teaching is done remotely. The face of the worldwide education market was changing drastically even way before the pandemic hit. Investments in education technology were to the tune of 18.6 billion USD globally, just in the year 2019. Studies have shown that on average, students retain 30-60% more material when learning online compared to only 6-10% in a classroom. This is largely on account of students being able to learn faster online. e-Learning requires 35-60% less time than in a traditional classroom setting because students can learn at their own pace, skip parts, re-read or fast-forward through concepts as they choose. Experts believe that online education is here to stay and the optimal integration of information technology in education will eventually make it an integral component of school education.

But it is a challenging task to find an expert team of IT professionals who develop SaaS-based systems like the Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management System (CMS) to satisfy your unique requirements. It is difficult to find a skilled team of platform development experts who would personally work with your business to determine the best courses of action. Businesses can falter while it comes to finding the right systematic mechanism for information dispersal, content management, and reaching out to the audience. It can turn out to be a costly endeavour, and time consuming as well. The need for a robust and comprehensive e-learning solution provider organization in this field is immense, now more than ever.

Leniko’s team of highly trained and experienced IT and SaaS-based professionals will help your business to manage end-to-end content delivery mechanisms for your e-learning solutions. We are equipped to develop customized management systems like LMS and CMS and design interactive and distinct management systems to create a visual learning environment to deliver personalized training modules, enhance productivity, and manage risk areas. Our e-learning platforms include content modules, testing modules, communication modules, training modules and whatever else that your enterprise could require to boost the performance and knowledge retention levels of the learners. Our IT enablers employ the latest tools and technology to meet every need of your business. The e-learning platforms created by us are designed to address the learner’s specific learning styles and host a wide range of content formats. We create platform services in alignment with your organization’s goals and learning objectives. And we at Leniko, understand the importance of disseminating knowledge across borders, companies, and all parts of society.


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