Mobile Apps

Smartphones have made mobile devices a significant part of our everyday life. Applications for mobile phones are easy to reach and it is the best way to communicate with your clients. We develop applications that are a mix of innovation and creativity with the aid of our expert team at Leniko. We have trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the evolving trend.

Professional native application development includes expertise across various platforms and development tools, as well as a thorough knowledge of multi-use and cross-platform situations linked to all stages of the development lifecycle. Picking the right range of technology for each project increases our tempo, allowing us to introduce new projects quickly and easy.

It also enables us to design, check, deliver, and assist at a scale and ensures continuous visibility of stakeholders into the application development process. We design apps to fulfil any industry need and overcome every business issue, making products designed to drive customer loyalty and brand recognition. Our interdisciplinary team structure guarantees that at every point, our developers are sitting next to each other with UI designers and UX strategists. As a result, our apps are architectured to be future-proof and more versatile when introducing new functionality and are unmatched in their user experience. We also bring skills outside engineering capabilities to the end of the app-build stream, like support for release, delivery of applications and optimization services for app stores.



Android is an operating system developed by Google and one of the fastest growing platforms on the market today. We can customize and create an Android app to meet the needs of your business. We build apps that meet your business objectives by creating stunning designs with brilliant functionality that enhance your user base and credibility.


Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps offers the functionality of Native App and Web technology. Hybrid apps have both capabilities and can be ported across different platforms.


Our IOS app development segment is a group of vibrant developers who keep pace with evolving technology and have developed applications that have credible and attractive features. We believe in innovation and reliability. After a complete analysis of the nature of your business requirements, we can develop IOS apps best suited for you.

Web App

A web application is a computer program that uses web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. It can run on various platforms, irrespective of the OS or device, as long as the browser is compatible.

Treat your customers to a special mobile experience

At Leniko Solutions we allow access to safe and creative mobile apps and deliver a game plan for our clients so that they can utilize multiple mobile devices as a platform for creating real-time content, taking concrete decisions, and broad understanding, thereby presenting them with high-end usability solutions. Companies can be broadened by developing the data footprints and then incorporating that data with creating value customer experiences within a business.

When it comes to fulfilling savvy business achievements, we drive success in digital solutions through our acumen. By designing successful enterprise mobility services, the Leniko Team will help you define your business process and will also speed up development. We place all our endeavours into refining the interconnectivity of employees and building seamless user experiences while having real-time encounters with the sales force. We are not just mobility service providers, we are skillfully and tactically deploying mobility solutions.

Want to incorporate the latest innovative mobile technology into your business?

Look no further, you are at the right place. Allow us to design a consumer-focused mobile app by recognizing what makes it work best for your business. Tap into our vast, expert knowledge in mobility to be ahead of the time.

Mobile users are broadening and the global existence of Mobiles makes the adoption of advanced mobility solutions and mandatory for enterprises. Mobility has become an important part of the modern age. Mobile apps have redefined how people interact, socialise, and work.

Smartphone users anticipate a higher level of intelligence with current programs through the assimilation, interactivity and context-based interface mediums. Most companies are showing full prudence to ensure privacy on mobile platforms from their company, and they are also making use of technological innovations to provide the best mobility services to their customers.

From evaluation to execution to operations, Leniko offers DevOps customized solutions across the lifecycle, discussing varied customer requirements. Taking advantage of a home-grown, cloud automation manager framework (a multi-cloud, self-service management platform) – we are addressing the development, deployment and operation of the E2E application lifecycle management activities.


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