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The textile industry is one of the most globalized industries in the world. From years of advertising and strategic marketing, the garment industry has changed from a basic need to a lifestyle statement. This change from being utilitarian to being fancy has skyrocketed the sales and exposure of the textile industry.

As per the latest survey, around 67% of people use the internet to check about the fashion and textile industry. And hence it is very important to mark your online presence and be active in that with creative and significant content.


Leniko Solutions has been serving the world of fashion with our 360° strategic marketing concepts. With our dedicated and expert team of talents, we ensure that your textile enterprise gets global attention and improvement with the help of all digital platforms. Our team is passionate about technologies and bottom-line results. Leniko continues to strive for innovative solutions and creative campaigns to achieve results. Leniko digital marketing team brings in the quality expertise to strike a balance between traditional marketing tactics and modern innovative marketing techniques.


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  1. Seasonal Marketing - The needs and whims of people change according to various seasons and these seasons should resonate with the content that you produce and share. Leniko is advanced and experienced in this sector.

  2. Customized Wedding Marketing - A wedding is the biggest celebration in one's life. Leniko has been delivering customized wedding strategies to boost the sales of our clients.

  3. Influencer / Celebrity Marketing - To reinforce your brand's reputation and foster your credibility, influencer/ celebrity marketing is very important and Leniko has been helping our clients by connecting them with potential business partnerships.

  4. In Movie Branding - Movies can get inside the heart and mind of the audience. Leniko has partnered with industry hit movies like Hridhayam and Love Action Drama to help our clients.

  5. E-commerce - E-commerce is an exemplary concept in the future of the textile and apparel industry. Leniko has been successfully supporting our clients to be visible to their potential clients.

  6. Search Engine optimization - Leniko is a specialist in generating organic SEO and driving the best results for our clients.

  7. Website Development and Management - A website is an important tool for the textile industry. Leniko provides authentic and original premium web services.

  8. Content Creation - To express the tone and style of your brand and to create a unique space of your own, you need innovative content that resonates with your audience. Leniko offers the best content creation service in Kochi.

  9. PPC Advertising - Leniko with our PPC advertising techniques successfully helps you to navigate through the world of textile marketing. The pay-per-click advertising model directs traffic to websites when the viewer clicks an Internet ad.

  10. Online Video Consultation Services - With the changing frontier, you need modern technical excellence. And Leniko is digitally and technologically sufficient to help you create your space through modern ways like helping you be digitally independent.

  11. Leadership Branding - Apart from building a strong customer base for your brand, Leniko is also experienced and triumphant in building the strong leader behind the curtains.

  12. Online Reputation Management - Leniko Solutions is significant in Online reputation management (ORM) and is successful in monitoring and improving how your business is viewed online.


Advertising is now defined by its personalized touch in reaching segmented audiences that can resonate with a brand more than anyone else. Leniko specializes in providing this unique touch to our clients.


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