PPC campaigns

Businesses are constantly trying to carve a niche out for themselves in a cluttered marketplace. With more and more brands onboarding onto the digital bandwagon, the need to stand out and be visible in front of high-converting customers becomes crucial. Moreover, advertising in the digital space is expensive, and spending resources are limited, which is why you need to carefully evaluate all conversion paths and choose one that best fits your business.

Luckily for you, Leniko provides you with a wide range of PPC ads to take care of everything related to your campaigns. Here is what we offer:

    ● Search Ads: The best type of PPC ad for beginners who want to experiment with PPC advertising.
    ● Display Ads: To help you advertise your product or service to people while they are browsing the internet.
    ● Remarketing Ads: To target those who visited your site previously.
    ● Video Ads: To help you reach people who are not currently aware of your business.
We also offer shopping ads, paid social ads, Gmail sponsored ads, and Amazon ads under our campaign management services.



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