Collaboration made easier with a reliable and an agile solution…

Most businesses now have Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for software development at its core. An ever changing market brings forth the need for continuous tweaking of the software. Time becomes of essence in such a scenario. To take an idea, code it, test it, deploy it and monitor it in an agile way so that it reaches the market as quickly as possible is essential in today’s fast-paced digital world. The ability to roll out improved business processes constantly with the help of cross-functional teams and automation is made possible with the use of DevOps.

DevOPs provides you with all the tools to monitor a live system. You can know in seconds if performance has been better with a certain tweak. Detailed reports can be viewed to see what exactly is going on. Code, environment, continuous delivery pipeline, version control, blueprints of various execution technologies, automation that is configurable with functional and performance tests, everything that you may need is in one place.

Leniko’s team of expert DevOps engineers and developers have successfully implemented the Devops strategies with respect to the workflow of each project. Our integrated set of solutions removes manual steps thereby reducing human error. You will experience seamless cross-functional collaboration in your enterprise with the use of our DevOps service. We use agile methodology to help improve the entire DevOps process. From planning to building the software, testing to monitoring it.



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